The course lists and descriptions contained in the student Catalog cite the course offerings beginning with the 2019-2020 Fall semester. It is occasionally necessary, and MUOS retains the right, to withdraw, modify or add courses to the existing list during the academic year without prior notice. For updates on course offerings, visit the academic programs section or email us at info@metrosom.edu.so.


Degree Programs
-Bachelor’s Degree Programs
-Business Administration Careers (BS)
-Education-Career (BA)
-English -Careers (BA)
-Conflict Analysis & Resolution (BA)
-Islamic Studies (BA)
-Somali Studies (BA)
-Dialysis Nurse (CDNs)
-Business Information Technology (BIT)

Master Degree Programs at Metro Graduate School of Administrative Sciences
-Master of Puplic Administration
-Master of Public Economy
Master of Business Administration
-Master of Public Health
-Master of Public Health & Human Security
-Master of Public Administration, Higher Education & Research Management

Diploma Programs
-Diploma in Hemodialysis
-Diploma in Project Management
-Diploma in Public Speaking & Leadership
-Electoral Policy & Practice
-Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation
-Diploma in Water Sanitation
-Diploma in English Language

English Courses at Metro Institute of Language Acquisition ( MILA), the only TOEFL CERTIFIED Preparation Center in Somalia
-Intensive English Program
-TOEFL Preparation Course
-Arabic Language
-Somali Language
-Turkish Language
-French Language


Application and Acceptance Procedures

•All students must Submit a completed application form to the Admissions department
• Submit documentation of high school Diploma
•Students must submit all official college transcripts from any other
institutions attended. All applicants MUST pass the admission test to be admitted into a program.

Open Enrollment Program Information
• Applicants will be admitted to the University on first come first serve basis.

Testing and Assessment
The Assessment Office of the University will facilitate the administration of all of tests that satisfy requirements for students and academic programs according to the guidelines of the University and the Ministry of Higher Education of Somalia.

High School Equivalency Tests
The University offers secondary school equivalency exams – GED. The test is administered via a computer at school premises. Please contact the department of Adult Education at the University for further details about the tests and test preparation courses.

Welcome to Metropolitan University

Dear Students,

Thank you for choosing Metropolitan University of Somalia. This encounter will be one that will have positive impact on your life as you pursue a world class education at our highly esteemed departments across the university.
When you visit our departments, you will quickly discover that Metropolitan University embraces variety of programs designed by educational
experts to address your educational and professional needs. From day one, you will notice that our dedicated admissions and enrollment teams, expert advisors, staff, administration, and our exceptional and highly qualified faculty are committed to your academic success.

Our commitment is to provide you technical and academic knowledge required for rewarding careers in the 21st Century.

On the behalf of the Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff, welcome to our community of diligent and serious learners. We look forward to supporting
your educational goals and celebrating your academic success.

Dr. Saeed Aden
Metropolitan University of Somalia

  • SEND A MAIL: info@metrosom.edu.so
  • CALL: +252-0619291114 or 252-6840923


Metropolitan University of Somalia is pleased to announce that admission is open for fall credit and non-credit courses. Space is limited so hurry! Please contact our admissions office at +252-0617009141 or simply stop by our main campus at Taleh Road to speak with our academic advisors.


At Metropolitan University of Somalia, we believe the faculty is the force that drives the educational system and the quality of education. With that in mind, we strive to recruit the most qualified educators to achieve quality education. Similarly, dedication and commitment of a faculty plays a crucial role in improving the quality of education and shaping the future of a nation.

Why Choose

Metropolitan University?

1.Excellent faculty and programs. Metropolitan University of Somalia utilizes innovative co-teaching model that enables our students to work with excellent qualified faculty from United States to teach most of the courses with our local faculty who are also US trained professors. This model is chosen to provide our students a quality education and give them access to the best talent possible.

2.Curriculum designed by experts in the field, small classes. Our curriculum provides our students a solid grounding in their field. Our classes are small and are often taught by highly qualified professors.

3. Early exposure to scientific research. Metropolitan University faculty collaborates in research projects with faculty from Harvard University, Southern New Hampshire University and University of Massachusetts, Boston.

4. We prepare our students for lucrative careers. Our graduates will be in high demand in today’s job market as they will be properly trained. Our unique co-op program for our four year degree program students and our apprenticeship program for Associate degree students will prepare you to easily enter the workforce with prior practical experience.


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