Electrical Engineering Associate Degree(AEE)

Program Goals
The overall program objective for the Electronics and Electrical Engineering Degree is to prepare students to enter positions in which they’ll help design, troubleshoot, and maintain electrical and electronic equipment.
Program Outcomes

After Completing the program, students will be able to:
Student will be able to Identify electrical-system installation

test and diagnose electrical equipment using different measuring and diagnostic equipment

Identify Electrical safety issue and understand building codes and building regulations

Identify the basic concepts, terminology, and applications relating to electronics, including the components and operation of electronic systems

Troubleshoot electric motors, equipment and understand basic electrical concepts
Understand the operation of transformers whether single or three-phase transformers

Interpret technical drawings and understand computer aided design (CAD)

Electrical Engineering Associate Degree Program

Semester 1

(3) ENG 101: English Writing

(3) CSC 108: Basic Computer Skills

(3) MAT 100: Fundamentals of Math

(3) IS 100: Introduction to Islamic Studies

(3) Fundamentals of Electricity

15-Total Credits

Semester 2

(3) ET 100: Modern Engineering Technology

(3) SC110: Somali Civil War

(3) IES 108: Introduction to Electrical Safety

(3) MET 202: AutoCAD

(3) Social Science Elective

(3) SG200: Somali Geography

18- Total Credits

Semester 3

(3) SH208: Somali History

(3) MATH 222: Precalculus

(3) OB221: Organizational Behavior

(3) EET185: Electrical Circuits

(3) EET 216: Electrical Installation

(3ICR200: Intro to Conflict Resolution

18- Total Credits

Semester 4

(3) FEEL 200: Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Laboratory

(3) EFS 200: Electrical Fire Safety

(3) EC100: Ethics & Safety

(3) EET 220: Building Electric Codes

(6) EET 240: Practicum (Internship)

18- Total Credits

Total Credits 69

Practicum (Required for Graduation)

The practicum course for this specialized field of study is designed to give students

instructor supervised practical application of a previously or concurrently studied theories in

the field of Electrical Engineering. This practicum course must be done as an internship in a

company approved by the Department of Engineering.

Credits earned in this Electrical Engineering 2-year Associate Degree program can be

automatically transfer to a 4-year Electrical Engineering Program.

NOTE: Somali History, Civil War, Constitution and Somali Ideals Requirement (9 units)
Please see the department regarding any questions about Somali History, Civil War,
Constitution, and Somali Ideals” requirements.