Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies (BA)

Program Overview
The Islamic Studies Program is multidisciplinary program where students will learn various disciplines such as religion, history, philosophy, Islamic literature and other general education courses.
Program Goals
Students will be able to demonstrate expert level knowledge of Islamic Studies
Demonstrate proficiency in Islamic Scholarship in all aspects of Islamic Studies
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of fundamental concepts and theories of Islamic Studies
Identify the basic concepts, terminology, and applications relating to Islamic Studies
Target Students of the Islamic Studies Program
The Koranic School teachers and Imams around the country along with other students interested in religious studies will be the biggest beneficiaries of this program. The Islamic Studies four-year degree program was designed to certify them by adding general education courses to their existing knowledge of the Islamic Studies. After the completion of the program students will be able to apply various jobs that require a four-year degree.
Program objective and learning outcomes
The Main objective of the program is to add general education courses to the existing religious knowledge of the Imams and Holy Quran teachers, helping them acquire a four-year degree
Demonstrate understand and knowledge of Holy Quran, Islamic laws, philosophy, and literature.
Demonstrate proficiency in all aspects of Islamic Studies
Demonstrate ability to interpret the Quran and teach through modern teaching methodologies
Demonstrate proficiency in Arabic language and literature, Hadiths, Islamic Sharia etc.
Identify the basic concepts, terminology, and applications relating to Islamic Studies

Freshman Year (Fall Semester)
(3) ISL 280. Introduction to Islamic Studies
(3) ENG101. English Composition I
(3) REL 330.Islamic Doctrines
(3) ARB 101. Arabic Composition I
(3) ANT 312.Somali Language and Culture
15- Total Credits

Freshman Year (Spring Semester)
(3) ARB 200. Arabic Composition II
(3) APP 101.Arabic Language Structure, Syntax and Morphology
(3) ARC 101.Islamic Sharia I
(3) REL 300 Hifdul Quran I
(3) REL 300 Comparative Theology
15- Total Credits

Sophomore Year (Fall Semester)
(3) ARB 365 Advanced Arabic
(3) APP 101. Introduction to Somali Studies
(3) ARC 330. Arab Culture and Literature
(3) ENG English Composition II
(3) REL 300 Comparative Theology
15-Total Credits

Sophomore (Spring Semester)
(3) IS 300 History of Islam
(3) POL 250. Quantitative Methods of political Analysis
(3) ISL 365 Islamic Political Ideology
(3) ARAB 350. Introduction to Islamic Civilization
(3) REL 290. Caliphates
15-Total Credits

Junior (Fall Semester)
(3) SC310 Somali Constitution
(3) SHR 400 Islamic Shariah II
(3) ARAB 470. Intro. To Arabic Philosophy and Theology
(3) Elective
(3) MGMT 375 Project Management
15 – Total Credits

Junior (Spring Semester)
(3) ACCT 200 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
(3) SW300 Somali Civil War I
(3) REL 400 Hifdul Quran
(3) Quantitative Reasoning 101, MATH or Higher
(3) EDU 102 Methods of Teaching
15-Total Credits

Senior Year (Spring Semester)
(3) SOC 334: Role of Women in Society
(3) SOC 362: Radicalization and Curriculum and Ideology
(3) Elective
(3) Phil 367: Great Islamic Philosophers past & Present
(3) CP400: Capstone project
15-Total Credits
Total Credits 120

Metropolitan University of Somalia Total Course Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree
Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree as stated in the University Catalog are minimum of 120 credits of lower and upper division courses.
Writing Requirement
The following courses meet the advanced writing requirement.
ARAB 424. Modern Arabic Poetry
ARAB 419. Sharia Law
ARAB 390. Arab Novel
ARAB 365.1001 Nights
ARAB 422. Arabic, English Translation