Bachelor of Arts in Conflict Resolution &
International Studies (BA)

Learning Objectives and Outcome
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of basic concepts of peace studies and conflict resolution
Students will demonstrate understanding of violence and justice on the micro level, and macro, meso levels and ability to promote justice and systematically diminish violence in their target communities
Demonstrate refined skills in critical thinking and understanding of research
Demonstrate the ability to peace peacebuilding efforts and use the examples and apply the theories learned in class
Students will have a clear understanding of current international and past conflicts
Student will be able demonstrate ability to engage the community and be good global citizens.

Freshman Year (Fall Semester)
(3) NCR 289. Contemporary Issues in Peacebuilding
(3) APP 101. Introduction to Somali Studies
(3) AFS 330. African Culture and Literature
(3) AFS 210. Introduction to African Studies
(3) ANT 312.Somali Language
15- Total Credits

Freshman Year (Spring Semester)
(3) IS 210. Islamic Studies
(3) LBR 411. Contracts and Negotiations
(3) CIR 271. Introduction to International Relations
(3) SCW101: Somali Civil War
(3) SOC 380. Sociology of Law
15-Total Credits

Sophomore Year (Fall Semester)
(3) AFR 320. Rwandan Civil War
(3) CHS 300. Introduction to Somali Studies
(3) CHS 400. African Issues in Education and Society
(3) CIR 349. History of International Relations-1900-1945
(3) CHS 470. Somali Culture and Customs
15-Total Credits

Sophomore Year (Spring Semester)
(3) CSC 101. Introduction to Computer Science
(3) IRG 101. Introduction to Globalization
(3) ACR 300: African Literature and Conflict Resolution in Africa
(3) NCR200: Negotiation, Restorative Justice and Mediation (Xeer)
(3MCA3720: Media and Conflict in the African World
15-Total Credits

Junior (Fall Semester)
(3) IS 300 History of Islam
(3) POL 250. Quantitative Methods of political Analysis
(3) Elective
(3) CIR 370. Fundamentals of International Economics
(3) NCR 290. Introduction to Negotiation Theory
15-Total Credits

Junior Year (Spring Semester)
(3) NCR 380. Principles of Conflict Resolution
(3) NCR 291. Psychology of Peacebuilding
(3) Elective
(3) NCR 420. Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding Pedagogy
(3) NCR 385. Environment and Peacebuilding
15-Total Credits

Senior Year (Fall Semester)
(3) INR 325. Introduction to International relations
(3) NCR 400. Research Methods in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding
(3) SC400: Somali Constitution
(3) POL 370. Conflict, Violence and Nonviolence
(3) SC400: Somali Literate
15- Total Credits

Senior Year (Spring Semester)
(3) SOC 334: Role of Women in Society
(3) SOC 362: Radicalization, Curriculum and Ideology
(3) Elective
(3) CR 367: Understanding Somalia Conflict: Harmony and Justice
(3) CP400: Capstone project
15-Total Credits

Total Credits 120
Metropolitan University of Somalia Total Course Requirements for the bachelor’s Degree
Requirements for the bachelor’s Degree as stated in the University Catalog are minimum of 120 credits of lower and upper division courses.

NOTE: Somali History, Civil War, Constitution and Somali Ideals Requirement (12 units) *
Please see the department regarding any questions about Somali History, Civil War, Constitution, and Somali Ideals” requirements.