Metro Vocational Training Institute

The Metro Vocational Training Institute at Metropolitan University of Somalia is a non-profit career oriented Institution established to help students achieve their academic, and career goals. We believe in the importance of skilled youth for the Somali economy, sustainable stability and the socio-economic development of the country.


Our vision is to create a career prospects for the Somali youth by giving them access to world class technical skills and knowledge that will lead to a career in a short period of time.


The Mission of Metro Vocational Training Institute (MVTI) is to emphasize knowledge, technical education and skills for post secondary youth who seek a career path. We believe in the importance of skilled youth for the Somali economy, the stability and the socio-economic development of the country.

Why was Metro Vocational Training Institute established?

The alarming unemployment rate of the Somali youth is one of the highest in the world, with only 33% of the youth employed per International Labor Organization (ILO). Metro Vocational Training Institute is dedicated to address the mismatch that contributed this high unemployment by offering affordable career focused vocational training programs to students.

Our Vocational Training Programs

The career focused vocational training programs at Metro Vocational Training Institute consist of a two year Associate Degree Programs and Individual professional development courses.

Associate Degree Programs

  • Our Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Associate Degree in Computer Science
  • Associate Degree in Project Management
  • Associate Degree in Water Treatment and Sanitation
  • Associate Degree in Veterinary
  • Associate Degree in Hospitality Management
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Professional Development Diplomas

  • Project Management
  • Writing
  • Research Methods
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Hospitality & Hotel Management

Program Goals

1.Prepares students day-to-day duties that you will be doing in your specific trade.
2.Contribute to the socio-economic development of the country as it emerges from a civil war with a significant high number of unemployed youth
3.Equip students with theoretical knowledge and practical experience toward a specific career path of their choice.

Program Objectives

To provide training for post-secondary students, adults and students with disabilities
Provide the trainees with necessary skills for the job functions in the career of their choice.
3.Train, advocate and develop job placement programs with partner companies
Collaborate with stakeholders and promote the investment on programs that provide skills through career oriented programs.

Program Outcome and Assessment

At Metropolitan University we take assessment seriously. Assessment allows us to improve the quality of education. Student learning outcome (SLO) facilitates us to determine if students mastered the skills they have learned in class or what they have learned and what they have not learned. In addition to that, assessment helps us to to make informed decisions in terms of allocating our resources. A satisfactory result will require for graduates to show evidence of mastery; show theoretical knowledge and practical experience toward the specific career path or specialization.

Why Require Apprenticeship?

As the goal of our career oriented vocational training programs is to help students to enter a trade , such as electrical engineering, plumbing and civil engineering or project managers, the Institute uses apprenticeships and theoretical knowledge to deliver our training. The apprenticeships are required for all our programs.
Our career oriented programs combine theory and practice to allow us to produce skilled workers in a short period of time. The apprenticeships are done by our students with our selected partner companies. The main goal is to teach our students a trade by giving them opportunity to work along side skilled workers who are already in the field.

Tuition Fees

Low income and students with disabilities are given special preference in our admission process and full scholarships for qualified candidates. Please check the student catalog or contac the admissions office

Please email us to request information about how you can donate to Metro Vocational Training Institute.


Dr. Ayan Ahmed ( PhD)

Dr. Ayan Ahmed is the Director of Metro Institute of Vocational Training (MIVT). Dr. Ayan is passionate about creating educational and professional opportunities for the Somali youth. Her daily

1: Directs and coordinates vocational training programs at Metro Institute for Vocational Training according to board of trustees, Metro education policies and the Somali Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education and donor code: Dr. Ayan confers with donors, government agencies, members of industrial and business communities to determine human resource training needs for apprenticeable and nonapprenticeable occupations in Somalia.

2: Reviews and interprets programs and vocational education codes to ensure that program conforms to the needs of the Somali youth.

3: Prepares proposals, yearly budget, and funding allocations for vocational programs at Metro.

4: Reviews and approves new programs at Metro Institute of Vocational Training ( MIVT).

5: Evaluates apprenticeable and nonapprenticeable programs, considering factors.

6: Organizes committees and our international and local partners to provide technical and advisory assistance to the Vocational programs at Metro Institute of Vocational Training.

7: Coordinates on-the-job training programs with employers, and evaluates progress of enrollees in conjunction with program contract goals and assessment of learning outcomes.
You can contact Dr. Ayan Ahmed at

Dr. Saeed Aden
Metropolitan University- Somalia

Dr. Aden is the founder and the president of Metropolitan University of Somalia, the former lecturer from Harvard University is a firm believer of educational and career opportunities for the Somali youth as a prerequisite to lasting peace and prosperity for Somalia.
You can contact Dr. Saeed Aden at

Mr. Mohamed Luude ( MEd)
Assistant Director of MIVT

Engineer Luude is a certified science educator with 20 years of experience in education from Ohio public schools and a graduate from Ohio Dominican University in Ohio State, USA.
Prior to his move to the U.S, Engineer Luude trained as an Engineer and graduated from King Fahad University of petroleum & Minerals In Aramco. Tehran, Saudi Arabia.
His Department is responsible for training, and placement of enrollees at Metro Institute of Vocational Training (MIVT).
His office also plans and develops joint programs in conjunction with other members of education staff, international and donors, private sector and government agencies .
You contact Mr. Luude at