Shaping the future by teaching Administrative skills, discovering new knowledge, and sharing our experience now and for future generations.


Our mission is to build the administrative capacity of Somalia through education and by ensuring that our academic programs are informed by the country’s needs. We do this through research, policy outreach, and rigorous administrative training in collaboration with our partner academic institutions such as Speyer University’s Institute for Administrative Sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany.


Metro Institute of Administrative Sciences is a flagship initiative of Metro President which aims to advance the administrative capacityity of Somalia. The institute partners with best institutions that sharere our passion of creating administrative educational opportunities for everyone in the globe and that education is a basic right. The friends of Metro Institute of Administrative Sciences include; Harvard University, Umass, Boston and Southern New Hampshire University, NH in the United States, German University of Administrative Sciences, SpeyeUniversity, Wiesbaden, Germany which is our co-teaching affiliate. 

The Institute has friends from these institutions who are voluntarily co-teaching with our instructors to make sure our students have access to the best professors possible. The institute embraces the university president’s initiative of volunteer and give back through the dissemination of knowledge which attracted lot of notable scholars from Europe and the United States to improve the quality of education and through their volunteer work co-teach with Metro Professors in several schools at the university.

Our Leaders

Dr. Rene Brosius – Executive Director

Dr. Rene Brosius is the Executive Director of the Metro Institute of Administrative Sciences. With more than two decades of experience in law and administrative sciences, he is also a co-founder of the Metro Institute of Administrative Sciences. He is focused on new strategic initiatives and academic programs that have the potential to expand the administrative capacity of our students and student reach and impact. while also serving as primary liaison with the organization’s key partners and the broader regional, national and global administrative science innovation community.

Honorable Abdirahman OsmanAssistant Director

Honorable Abdirahman Osman has a breadth and depth of industry experience including expertise in administrative sciences. He has been on the Somali ministerial cabinet of several administrations in Somalia.
Mr. Osman also held key positions in several large companies in the Middle East and Africa.


The faculty at Metro are 80% are educated in the U.SA and Canada. They are highly experienced scholars, some of them have years of experience from teaching some of the most prestigious schools in the world like Harvard University. Metro Institute of Administrative Sciences co-teaches with scholars, and practitioners from German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer which was stablished in 1947 to revive the administrative skills in Germany after the World War II.This is why we asked them to co-teach the program and share their experiences.


Metro Institute of Administrative Sciences is a post-graduate school at Metropolitan University of Somalia offering Master degree programs, certificates and professional development diplomas in administrative sciences.

Program Learning Outcome

The graduates of the Master of Administrative Sciences (MAS) will be able to apply the administrative and leadership skills gained to enhance the administrative capacity of Somalia.


Welcome to our Metro community of serious learners! Admission is now open and the space is limited. If you are looking for a specialization in administrative sciences you reached the right place.
We have variety of specializations in the field of administrative sciences with highly qualified faculty from around the world, due to our co-teaching model you will get access to best professors in Germany and the United States.