But of all the races of Africa, there cannot be one better to live among than the most difficult, the proudest, the bravest, the vainest, the most merciless, the friendliest; the Somalis.
-Gerald Hanley, Warriors

Overview of Laasoole Institute of Somali Studies (LISS)

Laasoole Institute of Somali Studies( LISS) at Metropolitan University of Somalia is an academic research and resource center with a mission to promote the dissemination, immersion-based training/consultancy, publication and discussion of topics of politics, culture, and history of Somalia and the wider region.
Laasoole Institute of Somali Studies has world-class capacity to serve as a local and international client focused reliable academic consultancy center for linguistic and cultural issues, and is a valuable immersion-based resource for graduate students, international organizations, UN agencies, government agencies, Non-governmental organizations, Investors, private companies, researchers, international donors and diplomats for language, culture training , translation and advice on Somalia related matters such as strategic cultural competence, risk management, sociocultural information, demographic analysis, cultural immersion training,history, public crisis response, security, stabilization, traditions, Somali customary law (Xeer) and peace-building In the Somali context.t.


Professor Ahmednur Sh. Ali Hassan

Professor Ahmednur Sh. Ali Hassan is the founder of Laasoole Institute of Somali Studies ( LISS). He is an outstanding educator and a prolific writer. He wrote a dozen books about Somalia related topics. He has been teaching over 30 years in Somalia, Yemen and the United States where he was teaching Somali language and culture in various educational settings including United States Department of State.

Dr. Saeed Aden

Dr. Saeed Aden is a devote promotor of the Somali language and culture who lectured Somali language in some of the most prestigious educational halls in the world.
He is an exceptional-educator who is a former lecturer at Harvard University. He taught Somali language and culture courses at the African and African American Studies at Harvard University. He’s is the co-founder of Laasoole Institute of Somali Studies ( LISS).
Dr. Saeed Aden is the current President of Metropolitan University of Somalia. His research interests revolve around the intersection of Educational Leadership, Somali culture, conflict resolution. Post-conflict education and education for communities in transition.

Professor Abdirisaq Mohamed Aden
Assistant Director

Professor Abdirisaq is the co-founder of Laasoole Institute of Somali Studies ( LISS). He spent several years at the Harvard University’s African Languages Program (ALP) teaching Somali language and culture. His research interest is usually in the Somali literature particularly poetry.

Dr. Lleij Schawartz
Senior Fellow

Dr. Schwartz is a highly experienced is current Associate Professor of English and for director of the Intensive English Program at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, NH.
Dr. Schwartz taught English Language in several countries including Thailand and the United States.
His research interests include language acquisition, culture, and educational leadership.

Language Programs

Laasoole Institute of Somali Studies (LISS) offers language training in Somalia to students from various parts of the world. Our academic year programs focus on language acquisition and cultural understanding.


Laasoole Institute of Somali Studies supports reaserchers, students and all other eligible parties to compete their Somalia related academic projects.

International Learning

LISS provides assistance for international learning to a variety of undergraduate programs in Somalia , to study tours for faculty and graduate students, and to other group projects for organizations, embassies, governments and training new expatriates on Somali culture and language.

Research Center

The Laasoole Institute of Somali Studies has a research center with Archives of Somali History Collection and Research to promote and preserve the Somali history, culture and language.

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Friends and partners of Metropolitan University of Somalia:

-Harvard University, African Languages Program
-German University of Administrative Sciences, Speyer, Germany
-University of Massachusetts, Boston
-Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH
-German Somali Professionals(GSP)

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