Our Vision

Vision and Mission Statement

“Educate, Empower, lead, —and provide quality education in Somalia and Ever Better.” Metro was founded by a group of Somali-American academics as “ a quality oriented higher learning institution of the highest order” to help improve the quality of education in Somalia, and produce a generation of graduates that can meet the challenges facing Somalia and the world in the 21st century through rigorous and relevant education.
Statement of Values

Our Commitment to our Student’s Success:
Dear Students and parents our commitment to our students is to provide them a world class education with rigor and relevance.
“Leading the way with Rigor and Relevance”

Commitment to Sustainability
The University values three spheres of sustainability: Economic, Peace, and Social justice. We demonstrate our commitment by striving to promote peace; making sustainability integral to our decision-making process; promoting social justice and preparing our students for the, social, and economic challenges of the 21st century.

Why was Metro established?
Metropolitan University of Somalia also called Metro was established to address the educational needs of the Somali students to meet social and economic challenges of the 21st century. Metropolitan University’s goal is to provide world class education, technical and professional skills that meet the needs of the students.

Advisory board

Professor Ahmednur Sh. Ali

Metropolitan University of Somalia solicits feedback and advise from our highly talented advisory board and the friends of Metropolitan University in an effort to enhance the quality of education. The feedback from the Advisory Board is used by the board of directors as a guidance.

Metropolitan University of Somalia also utilizes innovative co-teaching model that enables our students to work with excellent qualified faculty from United States to teach all our courses with our local faculty who are mostly U.S trained Professors.

This model is chosen to provide our students a quality education and give them access to the most qualified educators. Metropolitan University collaborates in research projects with faculty from Harvard University, Southern New Hampshire University and University of Massachusetts, Boston.

University Administration

Dr. Saeed Aden

Vice President of Administration & Chief Financial Officer
Professor Ahmednur Sh. Ali Hassan

Vice President of Academic Affairs & Interim Registrar
Professor Bashir Abdulkadir

Vice President of Student Services & Enrollment Management
Professor Abdisaq Aden

Executive Director of Communications & Marketing
Mohamed Ahmednur Sh. Ali

Executive Director of Human Resources
Mohamed Abdullahi Ahmed

Executive Director of Information Technology (IT)
Yonis Abdikarin Sh. Ibrahim

Assistant Director of Marketing
Khadro Abdullahi Hassan

Director of Public Relations
Ahmednur Abdulkadir Mohamed

Campus Operations Manager
Mohamed Abdullahi Hussein

Academic Deans & Departments

School of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. Abdikarin Aden
Dr. Victoria Kouhang
Assistant Director

Graduate School of Administrative Sciences
Dr. René Brosius
Abdirahman Osman
Assistant Director

School of Engineering
Prof. Mohamed Ali Luude

School of Business & Emergent Technology
Bashir Abdulkadir

School of Corporate & Adult Education
Abdirisaq Mohamed Aden


Metro Institute of Language Acquisition
Prof. Ahmednur Sh.Ali Hassan
Dr. Lliej Schawartz ( SNHU)
Consulting Assistant Director

Metro Center for Peace & Civic Education
Abdirisaq Mohamed Aden